About Covey Cowan

Covey Cowan
Covey Cowan

Since 2006, Covey Cowan has worked as a supervisor and project manager at Van Acker Construction Associates in Mill Valley, California. He joined the high-end residential construction firm after spending 10 years at Seneca Builders, Inc., in San Carlos, California. Covey Cowan founded and owned the residential construction company and oversaw upscale new construction and remodeling projects around the Bay Area.

When not working, Covey Cowan enjoys the outdoors, playing sports with his son, hiking, and mountain biking. He also maintains a daily meditation practice, which he has participated in for the past 45 years. Additionally, he has studied eastern religions and spent five years studying with a Navajo medicine man and three years with a Huichol shaman.

An avid traveler, Mr. Cowan counts trips to Nepal and India as some of his most memorable. He has helped build a youth hostel for the Hidden Villa Foundation, raised funds for a school library in a Huichol village in central Mexico, and volunteered his time at The Center for Attitudinal Healing.


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